Make Your product a part of IoT system easily

IP devices interoperability

As of today, there is no standardized, simple enough semantic protocol for IP-based devices in the context of IoT. Each device vendor defines its protocol for communication with the device. As a result, the integration of IP-based device into IoT system requires significant effort.


OBLO developed WISE SDK for the abstraction of IP-based devices in uniform way. WISE is positioned as a service-model based semantic protocol that solves the following IoT problems:

  • Interoperability
  • Security
  • Discovery
  • Commissioning/inclusion/exclusion
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Building up a generic IoT solution having various topologies

Device abstraction with WISE

device smart iot home oblo define functionalities of the device connectivity sdk module modules
oblo implement wise app present functionalities with services and properties connectivity sdk module modules
oblo done now you can control and monitor your device connectivity sdk module modules

Ways to integrate WISE

With OBLO WiFi module that comes pre-integrated with WISE SDK, we can easily add connectivity to your product. The only thing open is to clarify with you how the module will be interfaced with your design on HW and SW level after which your product becomes connected.

With WISE package delivery it took us only 5 days to integrate our intercom with OBLO IoT solution.

  • Intercom vendor

If your product already has IP networking interface, it can easily become a part of an IoT system after WISE SDK integration and WISE app development.

WISE package delivery

We have been working very hard to make the process of product integration into an IoT system fast and easy.

WISE specification

  • Protocol specification – defines operation modes, objects, network management, message exchange and security aspects
  • Service specification – defines device and service model


  • Native C/C++ libraries without any external dependencies
  • Available for different platforms based on Linux or RTOS
  • Lightweight

Reference WISE apps

  • Reference WISE applications in source code for different types of devices
  • Integration guidelines

Want to make your product connected?
Want to make your product connected?