Are you a telco, energy provider or insurance company and you would like to start a smart home service?
We have a perfect solution for you.

How it works

We offer you the ability to provide your existing services to your customers in a new, smart way (for example, smart insurance).
Each of these smart services are built on top of our turnkey smart home solution.

Turnkey smart home solution

Field-proven, white-label, highly scalable, secure, and available smart home platform compliant with leading communication protocols and smart devices.

The platform is combined with our smart home hub or your existing device as our smart home hub software is operating system agnostic.  This means that you can use your existing device like a set-top box or broadband router for running smart home service.

Under Your brand

Our highly experienced engineering team will customize smart home solution to match your needs and brand identity.

Deployed in Your environment

We deploy our smart home cloud service on top of cloud infrastructure of your choice, whether it is one of the leading providers or your private environment.

With Your own smart home UX?

No problem at all.

Our Android and iOS SDKs can bring smart home experience to new or your existing application.

Smart home as a service

We integrate our platform with your CRM which allows your customers to access smart home with existing credentials used for your other services.

In addition, our platform supports subscriptions management which allows you to run subscription-based services once we integrate with your OSS/BSS.

oblo cloud service device management control remote industrial iot technology devices

Centralized administration

Our BackOffice application allows you to manage all smart home devices deployed in the field, from one place:

  • Smart home hubs management
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of hubs and devices
  • Technical support: reset, factory reset, configurations backup and restore, replace device
  • SW upgrades
  • History and analytics

Smart services

Each of these smart services can run on top of our turnkey smart home solution:

Home Energy Management Service (HEMS)
Managing energy consumption in the optimal way.

Smart Insurance Service
Personalized smart home data-driven insurance.

Smart Home Care Service
Take care of your loved ones.

Smart Repair and Maintenance Service
Smart emergency repairs and improvements.

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Home care


Want to start smart services?