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We are proud to say that our IoT Hub running in the cloud enables fast time-to-market and cost reduction.

IoT hub takes a central part of every IoT system as it provides key functionalities like the implementation of IoT business logic and IoT devices abstraction, control, monitoring and SW management.

Unlike applications based on low and mid-range protocols (e.g. ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, LoRa) where physical IoT hub is required, IoT applications based on WiFi or NB-IoT (e.g. smart appliances, smart cities, asset tracking) have multiple benefits with the implementation of IoT hub functionalities in the cloud:

✔With IoT hub running in the cloud physical hub is not needed which significantly reduces costs for IoT service.
✔As IoT hub SW abstracts all IoT devices in a uniform way and implements IoT business logic, support for new Customer-specific applications is straightforward.
✔Deployment of new IoT hub is extremely fast since it is done by simply starting a new instance of IoT hub SW in the cloud.
✔High availability is ensured with IoT hubs clustering and scalability is achieved by utilizing Docker and Kubernetes technologies.